Please see below for main subjects and issues within the scope of our event. The subjects are intended to establish the general framework of the event. You may consult the organizing committee for any topics deviating from the main theme. Authors will be given feedback and recommendation on eligibility of topics upon abstract submission.​

  • Translation, Transition and Transformation

  • Translation and Globalization

  • Current Trends and Developments in Translation

  • Borders and Translation

  • Role of Translation in Alternative Media

  • Community Interpreting

  • Volunteer Translation

  • Post-Colonial Literature and Migrant Translation

  • Role of Translation in the Education of Migrants

  • Translation, Mobility, Migration and Hospitality in Mediterranean Communities

  • Translation as part of Integration of Refugees

  • Changing Landscape of Cultural Interactions in relation to Translation

  • Translation and Cultural Variety

  • Ideology and Translation

  • Politics and Translation

  • Gender Studies and Translation

  • Translation in Social Turmoil